The Mr. Miyagi Treatment

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 This is one of the packages you will definitely need in your arsenal. Concentrating on protecting your car we use various different waxes to give it the ultimate beading behaviour and hydrophobic properties with immense gloss levels and shine. In short it will protect your car from nasty airborne contaminants and reduce chances of getting swirl marks in the clear coat while keeping it shiny for longer. Pack consists of hoovering the inside of your vehicle along with dusting, cleaning and enhancing the look of your centre console, interior plastics and trim to give that showroom finish. Outside consists of 2 stage wash, quick polish and wax. Your car will be treated with Iron and Fallout remover, pH neutral SnowFoam, pH neutral paintwork shampoo conditioner. All exterior plastics will be treated to bring colour back to the faded black trim. All products used will consist of aiding the wax used to give ultimate protection and shine. This should last around 6-9 months depending on your circumstances eg if you use a garage or not; how often you drive etc. and will need very little effort in keeping it clean. Approx 2 - 4 hours.