Just Clean Me

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'But I just had the full works for £X.00' is our favourite argument. Everything in your life has led you right here reading this description so clearly you're not satisfied with the '£5 full valet wax crazy mumbo jumbo' job you just had done. This is what you call a real valet; a safe, swirl-free wash to give your car a shine it has never had. Consisting of:

Interior: hoover including seats and boot, centre console and dashboard dusted and dressed to protect from uv rays, windows cleaned, doors dusted and cleaned including sills and shuts and deodorized.

Exterior: wheels and tyres cleaned including wheel wells with pH neutral wheel cleaner, pH neutral snow foam, pH neutral shampoo conditioner to enhance gloss using 2 bucket method to clean, dried using plush microfiber towel, tyre shine applied and exterior windows cleaned. 

approx. 2 hours.